Snow camp at Bear Creek
Boat and SAR trailer
View of the Snake River Range from Poker Peak
Swiftwater training, jumping into the water
2 people snowshoeing with low visibility
Snowmobiles on Poker Peak


Overdue Snowmobiler

At 4:25pm on Feb 15th, we were called out to locate a snowmobiler who had been separated from his group. We responded to the Mccoy Creek trailhead and snowmobile teams were able to locate him about 8 miles in. He was safe, but cold, and his snowmobile was inoperable. Teams returned him to the trailhead by snowcat at about 9pm.

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Injured snowmobiler near Fogg Hill

At 12:26 we were dispatched to Fogg Hill near Pine Creek Pass for a snowmobiler who had sustained significant injuries. While teams were enroute by snowmobile, Air Idaho was able to land despite some clouds and pick up the patient for a quick flight to EIRMC.

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2 Injured Dirt Bikers in Separate Events

On 6/23/2020 at 6pm we launched a call out in response to a 911 call by a man who was riding his dirt bike near Red Ridge in the Palisades area. He was tired and stuck and unable to make his way out. While in transit, we received another call to 911 for a separate dirt bike rider in the Heise/Burns Creek area who had wrecked on his bike and was losing consciousness. We were able to split the teams and run successful searches for both. The first man was located by ground teams who helped him recover his bike and hike back out.

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2019 Annual Report

During the year of 2019, Bonneville County Search & Rescue had:

  • 44 Members
  • 60 Training events covering 1,822 hours and 12,260 personal vehicle miles
  • 11 Call outs for service with 365 hours and 3,745 personal vehicle miles

We are grateful to our wonderful community for your continued support.

webmaster Fri, 01/17/2020 - 18:53
Missing autistic boy in Idaho Falls

We assisted the city of Idaho Falls in locating an autistic boy who was missing from home. 25 SAR members responded and searched the surrounding area. He was found by a member of the public who recognized him from a news release. We appreciate the support of our community in helping this family.

webmaster Fri, 11/22/2019 - 22:10
2 Lost Boys on Sheep Creek Trail

We responded at 1pm to a call to locate 2 boys who had become separated from their hiking group somewhere above Sheep Creek, up above Palisades. They had missed a trail junction and ended up hiking out Little Elk Creek where we met up with them. Everyone was reunited safe and sound a few hours later.

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Rescue trucks and motorbikes
Missing Woman at South Tourist Park

At 04:45am we were called to South Tourist Park to help look for a woman who went missing during the night. About 20 SAR members responded along with Idaho Falls Police Department. She was located at about 10am.

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Snowmobile Training

On Saturday February 9th, we took advantage of all the nice fresh snow and went to a field along Antelope Flat for some snowmobile training. We also took some time to practice with our avalanche probes and beacons, something that we ensure we carry on every ride. About half-way through the day we had the wonderful chance to change a belt on a UTV, as the old one exploded with no warning. It was a great learning opportunity that reminded us that a toolkit is only good if you carry it with you.

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Avalanche Recovery From Cabin Creek

On Saturday January 26th, a few members of the SAR snowmobile team recovered the body of an avalanche victim who was buried on Friday while riding near Cabin Creek.

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Injured Female at Hell's Half-acre

On June 12th at 9:41pm we were called to Hell's Half-acre, the lava hiking trail west of Idaho Falls, for a female hiker who had fallen into a crevasse and injured herself. She was able to call 911 who got GPS coordinates. Using her location, Life Flight was able to land nearby and hike over, but the terrain was too difficult for them to move her alone. Leaving the trail head at about 10:15pm, 24 SAR members hiked in about 2.5 miles and carried her another half mile back to the helicopter where she was flown to EIRMC at about 2:30am.

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